Stevo Simple Boy has finally proven that he moved on completely after breaking up with content creator Pritty Vishy about a year ago.

This is after he officially introduced his wife during the burial ceremony of his late father Anthony Odera that was held in Homa Bay county over the weekend.

“Bwana asifiwe, Kwa jina ni Steven Otieno. Mimi ni kitinda mimba  wa Anthony Odera na huyu ndio mke wangu,” the Acha Usherati hitmaker said before passing the microphone to his wife Grace.

Grace was however overwhelmed with emotions that she was unable to pay finish her  tribute to her father in-law.

“Kwa jina ni Grace Atieno. Nimeoleka kwa hii boma na Steven Otieno. Naskia vibaya kumpoteza mtu mwenye alikuwa anashinda akiniita all the time but..,” she said before walking away in tears.

A few weeks ago, Netizens accused Stevo of not moving on after breaking up with Vishy because he was following up on her  life and even released a song targeting her, after she kissed her female friend.

Defending himself, he said he was not keen with her life and that he is taken and was living with his wife.

“I am taken. I have someone in my house. I don’t follow up on her that much, but I wish her well. I have my own things to handle. Whatever was in the past remains in the past. I have already found one who loves me and I love her,” the rapper said.

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