A disturbing video of former singer- cum – producer Magix Enga has surfaced online showing the former star in a deplorable condition.

The producer has been battling drug addiction which he adressed during an interview on the Eve’s Mungai show.

The talented producer fell out of grace in the showbiz scene after staging publicity stunts which chased away potential clients.

He blamed Otile brown and King Kaka for abandoning him when he was in dire need of help but also reiterated in the youtube interview that he had shaved his dreadlocks to mark a new transformation in his life.

He also revealed that life took a toll on him when he disclosed that he was part of the Illuminati secret pact and since then he has been on the headlines about his languishing state of affairs.

From the now viral clip the crooner seems to have hit rock bottom where a man is seen handing him a plastic paper bag of french fries while asking him what problem occasioned his miserable state to which he responds “Hakuna shida”

In the video he is seen sitted against a tree with unkempt hair and in a disoriented demeanour plotting his next move.

The once gifted producer whose potential could have elevated his career has spiralled into a heartbreaking narrative in his life.

Magix Enga before his fall

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