Content creator turned musician Diana Marua has attributed her husbands wealth, Bahati to her hardwork bragging  that she the reason behind the former Mathare North MP aspirant’s riches.

This came out when the sensational Socialmedia couple were opening  up about how they got to start their relationship and what role they have played in each other’s lives.

In a video on posted on Diana’s YouTube channel, she claimed that Bahati wouldn’t have been successful as he is right now had she not dated and married him.

“Do you know were it not for me, today you would not be having this house. Were it not for me, you would not be having those kids. Were it not for me, you would not be having those four cars parked out here,” she said.

Responding to her Bahati however, cautioned Diana B to be careful and let God’s glory, be to which which she replied she has God in her.

Increasing her praise tonne the mother of three told Bahati she just saved him from suffering by accepting to marry him.

“You’d be nowhere, you would be suffering. With those that you would be choosing out there,” she added.

On the other hand Bahati forbbed Diana from remarrying should he die and dared her to get her womb tied if she really loved him because he doesn’t want any more kids.




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