Like father like son they say…Bongo sensation Harmonize has extended a welcoming hand to his former boss Diamond Platinumz to the gang.

How hilarious is this Diamond is more into women than Harmonize but according to the look of things Harmonize likes women who are naturally blessed an he seems glad that Diamond is joining the gang.

”Welcome to the gang bro ma*t*ko” Harmonize posted on his Insta stories.

The two artists are become a source of interests with the type of women they choose.

Diamond who is apparently known to be dating Zuchu has become the social spotlight after the release of Season 2 of Young Famous and African because of his close relationship with Ghanian songstress Fantana.

The close cosy relationship between Diamond and Fantana has elicited mixed reactions among his fans and the rest of the internet and many are speculating there is actually something between the two artists.


Harmonize including many other internet users were caught in between the kiss and alleged sleep over at Diamond’s house in the reality show.

The question is it true?

Kondeboy and Simba have  are known for going after the big deals in and out of their country.

Diamond ahs dated the likes of Fashion business mogul Hamisa Mobeto, Business woman Zari Hassan, Kenyan artist Tanasha Donna and know allegedly Bongo Songstress Zuchu.

Hamisa Mobetto

           Zari Hassan


On the other hand Harmonize has also dated and worked with well endowed women.

Yolo the queen alleged {Harmonize’s Rwandese bae}

Harmonize and his ex Sarah

Harmonize’s ex Fridah Kajala

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