Eric Omondi

The Public Service, Performance and Delivery Management Cabinet Secretary, Moses Kuria has ruffled Kenyan’s feathers after making a controversial statement yet again.

Speaking during the seed production and harvesting launch in Transzoia county, Kuria stated that he and the government might take the National Youth Service officers to the Caribbean nation of Haiti as part of Kenya’s UN-backed mission if it is what it takes to end unemployment.

The tough-talking CS revealed that he was under very strict orders from the President to ensure that all Youths in the country get a legitimate job so that they can get away from crime.

“I’m here to get jobs for the youths, and anywhere I hear there’s an opportunity, as long as it’s not drugs, I’m taking the youth…even if that’s in Haiti, we must have NYS…our youth must get jobs,” he stated.

Kuria revealed that the Public secretary for crops called him and notified him about 6000 acres that were to go to waste if not harvested.

The CS then hatched a plan that would see the youth take part in harvesting the maize for pay and that is the thought that steered the launch of the event dubbed ” Vuna mahindi, chunga mbegu’

“P.S wa crops mchapakazi alinipigia akaniambia mahindi itapotelea kwa shamba nikamuuliza mahindi kiasi gani akaniambia mahindi 6000 Acres. Nikasema sio vijana tu watakuja, pia mimi nitakuja nivune mahindi nilipwe na pia wao walipwe, hakuna ya bure!” kuria stated

The seasoned politician also called for a multi-sectoral approach that would see the NYS officers participate in the food valuation chain and earn some money while at it.

“We will have a Memorandum of Understanding between Kenya Seed Company and the Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) to employ the NYS as seedling propagators,” said the CS adding; “They will not be working for free! They have to be paid.”

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