Kenyan hip hop artist Nonini (God Father) regretfully apologized to Kenyans for supporting the current  government and some political leaders.

In a tweet, the genge singer said that things were not going on well one year since the current regime took over the country.

“Looking back at how our country is going a year down the line with this government. I want to share my APOLOGY loudly to KENYANS for supporting this government and some leaders you know I did, “wrote Nonini.

He further said that he was ready for the backlash he would receive but he noted that he was bold enough to admit that the leaders have failed Kenyans.

“It takes a strong person to admit they were wrong and niko ready for any matusi hapo kwa comments but at least niko bold enough Ku admit mambo Kenya sio poa and some of our leaders have failed us Terribly. Poleni sana wakenya wenzangu,” the musician added.

In the comments section, Nonini went ahead to state that he is the kind of person who gives people the benefit of doubt until they mess up hence he did not have any option.

Kenyans on twitter(KOT) responded to Nonini’s tweet as captured below;

“Alot of people are experiencing voters remorse over the current government. I cannot blame them as much, he seemed like the better option one has to give someone the benefit of doubt if not then the other option is to be black pilled about everything,” tweeted Meshy

“This apology is useless if you can’t say it wit the same vigour and kiburi you had when supporting those baggers,” wrote D.Maloan

“Take the L, respect for apologising,” tweeted ChiefChaff

“Apology accepted bro, we all make mistakes,” commented Fearless heart

Nonini bado ana hold special place, so kama ume step up na ku apologize mimi bado naku heshimu, why you’re a true God Father kutoka early 2000 hadi saizi sio mchezo,” tweeted Patrick Guda



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