Eric Omondi

Comedian now turned activist Eric Omondi turned to begging during his recent visit in London in order to raise money for his charity works here in Kenya.

The self proclaimed president of African comedy revealed that through Instagram. He shared a video of himself begging and beside him was a placard  reading “Please help things are very bad.”

Some people are seen pitying him and donating money to him. Others however were not pleased by his move and could be seen harassing and kicking him.

” Wakiomba tunaomba” read part of his caption.

The Comedian also revealed that he managed to raise 340,000 shillings. He promised to use the money to support needy Kenyans and content creators when he gets back home.

“While in the UK I took some time to raise some money in the streets of London to come and support fellow Kenyans juu sasa ni kubaya. I managed to raise 340,000 shillings, which I will use to buy unga for a few Kenyans and laptops for upcoming content creators,” the comedian wrote.

The soon to be father of two recently announced a retirement from the comedy industry to solely focus on his activism against the constant rising high cost of living in the country.

Omondi has led demonstrations against the government severally. His protests took place in Nairobi CBD and Kisumu. In both accounts he was arrested and charged but later released on bond.

He has also involved himself in charitable acts. He has donated maize flour on several occasions.


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