Businesswoman and Musician Esther Akoth alias Akothee has taken a swipe at stubborn Kenyan bloggers.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Akothee claimed that the current bloggers are after chasing clout and ruining other people’s reputation to earn a living unlike their predecessors who would build their names and brands without stepping on others.

“Most of Kenyan bloggers are beggars per say ,poor at heart and bitter broke.. They will ignore your good deeds, your achievements and only look at how they can bring you down ,it fulfills their emptiness,” the artist said.

The mother of five noted that that bloggers only want outshine celebrities. She also narrated an incident where she was forced to turn down an interview from a blogger.

“I once refused to go for an interview with a certain blog ,when they said they wanted me to talk about my life ,to inspire people , ‘me Inspire people with 3 baby daddies & broken relationships?’ And I told them I will come and talk about my business and my music career, that was the end of our engagement.

“All bloggers put on spot today, trust me ,none of them is driving a second hand car, All are struggling behind cameras and always wanting to outshine celebrities. I guess their rent is below 5k,” she wrote.

Akothee went ahead to warn bloggers against writing stories about her, adding that those who ruin her reputation will pay a heavy price.

“To all Kenyan Bloggers ,This is your last day of posting rubbish about my brand ,tarnishing my name for your own gain. You will be forced to pay a penalty of 300M if you post anything malicious about my Brand . I don’t need you ,you need my content,”’ she stated.

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