Self proclaimed entertainment critic officer Vincent Mboya has decided to let the entire world guessing at his ideal woman of choice after his recent confession.

Taking to his Insta stories Vincent Mboya Penned a rather interesting story expressing his love towards TikTok star Ajib Gathoni.

”I have always been crushing on Ajib Gathoni but today let me open my heart  and confess ‘he begun before noting that he wishes to make him a wife.

” It being now she’s single I too am single ready to mingle and make her my wifey”

Mboya fantasized how sweet her name will had they hooked up.

”I can do anything to win her heart guys just imagine her name from Ajib Gathoni to Ajib Mboya.”

“I know you will not answer this…Is random wear still on?” asked a curious fan.“Unfortunately not,” she replied.




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