A boy who was hawking groundnuts in Nairobi has been left in tears after a female kanjo officer poured his bucket of groundnuts on the ground.

In a video that has since gone viral, the young helpless man  could be seen crying as he clutched onto the county askari.

A crowd that had also gathered by condemned the county official’s move for lacking sympathy towards the young man.

“Huyu ni mtoto mdogo,” one of the onlookers told her off as she tried to make some calls.

The video has angered Kenyans with some demanding Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja to control his officers to avoid such cases.

“Sakaja you need to do something on hawa askari kanjo,” the video was captioned.

Here are other reactions from netizens;

Its Malu: What happened to humanity

VDJ Jones: Hawa makanjo huona wamefika sana. Laana ya machozi itakufuwata hadi  bedroom, iko siku people will rebel.

“Huyu Kanjo vile amenona nikukula hongo ata haezi hurumia the boy,” read another comment.

Others have since offered to contribute for the boy.

Comedian Eric Omondi is also looking for him so that he can support him.

“Wakimwaga Tunaokota…Wakibomoa TUNAJENGA!!! Am looking for this Boy If you have his number please comment with it or DM ME🙏🙏. But remember OUR TIME IS COMING!!!” he said.


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Kenyans have since rallied behind Eric’s initiative to come to the young man’s rescue.

“kabisa Erico. Wewe sasa ata 2027 usiiitishe hyo uemp ya LA. that constitute is too small for you. Shikana na Babu muchukue senator na gavana Nairobi,” an Instagram, user told him.

The comedian turned activist has been putting smiles in people’s faces in the last few months. From helping burry a man who had stayed in the mortuary for five years to supporting children and people who are in dire need of medical assistance, the comedian has touched hearts of  many by using his fame and influence, and thus setting a challenge, not only to his colleagues, but also the government.

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