A middle aged woman has caused a stir online after she was captured in a celebratory mood as she made her child smoke shisha.

In the video that has surfaced on social media, the unidentified reckless woman  is also seen giving the young girl a bottle that seems like beer to have some of it’s content .

Prompted by her mother, she innocently takes whatever is handed to her and covers her face with her hand as her mum lets out a puff of Shisha on her tiny face.

The woman seems to be celebrating with friends who at some point try to stop her but she is too bubbly to be calmed down.

The matching outfits of the young girl and her mum suggest a strong bond and connection  and the young girl probably  trusts her hero mum too much to disappoint her.

Netizens are surprised about her actions and condemned her for degrading her child’s morals asserting that she is only too young to engage in such behaviour.

Here are some of their reactions:

theewinnerb: Most ladies nowadays have their morals eroded….legal actions must be taken!!!!!

blackcinderella001: The baby is already a pro

tukuura_cibora: Wtf… si uvute pekee yako! Mtu yeyote anapea mtoto mihadarati anafaa ashikwe.

winniemurigi: Wtf…si uvute pekee yako! Mtu yeyote anapea mtoto mihadarati anafaa ashikwe.

Riber: Who’s mother is that coz she has a sick brain


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“Deep down she got that “NI WANGU” kinda feel in her na huyu mtoto atagrow tu fiti,hataharibika lakini atajua what is what…atakua so mature at a very young age….anyway najua mtasema all that moral whatever bullshit😂😂😂😂😂😂its okay i understand your pain,” read another comment.


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