Radio presenters

A video is doing rounds on social media showing how radio presenters of a Nakuru-based radio station were robbed while on air.

The presenters of Mwinjoyo FM were live streaming their show when about three gunmen stormed the studio. One of the presenters who was talking was left in shock and he couldn’t proceed with the discussion that was going on.

The intruders however ordered them to lie down and one of them was captured assaulting one of the presenters while questioning what he was doing.

“Nini unafanya wewe?” the robber posed.

They also questioned if there was anyone else in the building and if CCTV cameras had been installed.

They later stopped the livestream and switched of the phone. The incident was confirmed by the Nakuru East OCPD Martin Wekesa who said that investigations are underway.

Below is the video of the thrilling incident that occurred on Thursday night.



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