Ugandan socialite and entrepreneur Zari Hassan visited her late mother’s grave while in the company of her young husband Shakib Lutaaya.

The mother of five posted several videos on Thursday ,May 4 showing her visit to the grave of the late Halima Hassan who passed away in 2017. She explained that she was introducing Shakib to her  late  mother. Zari was also in the company of her father and an unidentified family member.

“Introducing my husband to my late mother,” she  captioned in one of her Instagram Posts.

In one of the Video, Zari’s father was holding the tombstone while talking to Zari and Shakib who were seated on the grave.

“I came to visit my mother, my mother’s grave. My grandfather’s mosque. Of course, I brought my husband, to meet the family,” Zari  captioned the video.

Zari’s mother passed on just a few weeks after her ex-husband, Ivan Semwanga.

Before calling it a day, the controversial couple also visited an entertainment joint in Uganda to  have fun.

Zari’s husband, Shakiib took to his social media to express his excitement after being gifted a giant portrait by a fan.










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