Kenya’s most successful socialite Vera Sidika landed in Kenya on Sunday after her successful tour in the US that lasted for one and a half months.

Her fans were eagerly waiting to hear from her as there was a lot to address including rumours she was in a new relationship after partying ways with her baby daddy Brown Mauzo.

The single mother of two gladly quenched her fans thirst by giving digital reporters a couple of minutes to respond to their questions.

One of the questions that she responded was about her being in a new relationship with a fashion model named Gideon Brown.

“I have new man? Which one, I have many. Just joking. I would say nothing is serious at the moment, I am so single  I am in a relationship. One leg in,” she said.

Another interviewer asked her why she likes dating men with the Brown name.

“I think Brown is addicted to me. Its the other way round,” Vera responded.

Vera Sidika’s first boyfriend with the Brown name was singer Otile Brown. The two broke up in 2018,  and she proceeded to date a Tanzanian doctor before hooking up with Brown Mauzo and now it’s alleged that her new man is Gideon Brown.

Vera and Brown Mauzo got married Vera Sidika and sired two children, a boy and a girl.

However during the press briefing, she also addressed her relationship with her baby daddy saying that she wants him to far away from him very quickly. Vera denied claims that the two were back together behind cameras.

“We are not together in fact if anything I want him to far away from him as fast as possible, as quick as possible and no where close to me,” she said and also responded top claims that Mauzo was spotted with her car after break up.

“My car with my number plate, the only person who drives my car is my brother,” the socialite said.

On co-parenting with the Coastal singer, Vera said, “It would take time, things need to cool off a little bit before it get there, there is a lot that people don’t know about. I like to do things the mature way, but its gonna get there.”




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