Popular Reality TV  star Vera Sidika has revealed that her husband, Brown Mauzo, wants to have 10 children.

During  a Question and Answer session with fans on Instagram, the heavily pregnant socialite however said that she has no plans of having another baby any time soon once her second born is born.

Vera said that she is considering to have a third born six years from now.

“Hubby wants 10. For me not any time soon We’ll add one more much later after 6 years,” the mother  one said


Mauzo has one daughter outside wedlock and will soon become a father of three. Vera’s second pregnancy came at a time she was set to undergo a boob enlargement surgery. She says that she will still undergo the surgery.

“I am still getting a boob job after baby number 2. You all think I am fake wait until you see my next boobs,”  she said.

At the same time, a fan asked Vera when she boarded a matatu last and she said that it was back in 2009 while she was a student at Kenyatta University, where she  was pursuing a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts.

At the time, she was in first year and soon after she got her first car.

Vera bought her first car, A red Toyota Sera with wing doors, when she was just 19 years old.

“End of 2009 in university as a fresher before I got my first car,” the socialite said.


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