Brenda Otieno, a popular video vixen who featured in Bahati and Prince Indah’s song Adhiambo, has left tongues wagging after showcasing her expensive outfits.

Brenda recently took to her Instagram story to display a wardrobe collection worth a staggering Kshs100,000. She showcased a range of high-end clothing items, including designer dresses, shoes, and accessories. Her posts left her followers both impressed by her style.

“Damn, I spent 100k on these clothes,” she said.

This comes just months after she went online multiple times to expose Bahati for not paying her after she appeared in his Adhiambo song. The model threatened toi sue Bahati if he failed to pay her.

“I’m tired of being quiet. Somebody tell Bahati that I have given him 24 hours to pay me. If he doesn’t pay me for being a video vixen in Adhiambo song, I’m going to sue him because there is a law. He is taking advantage because I am a woman. The video has 22m views. He has never paid me up to date. If he doesn’t reach out within 24 hours and tell me when he would offer the payment, then I’ll include my lawyer in this. I’m not going to step down this time,” she said in May.

It remains unclear how  the matter was concluded, but Breanda who had garnered a substantial following on social media, spoke about her non payment before and it did not seem to deeply disturb her anymore but she condemned such acts, Her defiant stance garnered mixed reactions from her followers, with some applauding her self-sufficiency while others expressed support for her to receive fair compensation for her work.

The issue of unpaid labor within the entertainment industry is not uncommon, and it has sparked discussions on the importance of fair compensation for artists, models, and other creative professionals.

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