The president of Comedy in Africa Eric Omondi has dissed his fellow Comedian Obinna as he showed off the millions of money he has.

Omondi showcased the loads of cash as he told Obinna never to address him again in a video he shared on Instagram.

He further said that he is older and richer than Obinna and he could even employ him in his radio station.

“Obinna I told you am older than you, I am richer than you, I have more money than you. I can help you. Nawezafungua radio station na nikuandike kama kitabu,” Omondi said.

He added that he made his first 3 million in 2008 when Obinna was still a primary school child.

“I have worked my a** for 16 years. I made my first three million in 2008 while you still in primary shitting on diapers.  Conman idiot, mwizi,  fake Nigerian. Don’t ever address me. Unaongelesha nani. This is money,” he said as he threw the thousand shilling notes on the floor.

He proceeded to his bedroom to showcase the notes that had been displayed on his bed and a woman was also present.

“Nalala kwa pesa. Obina you are full of shit,” the angry comedian said.

Omondi further noted that the money he uses for his free unga distribution programme is from his pocket.


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The beef between Omondi and Obinna was reignited recently after Obinna criticized Omondi’s activism and demonstrations.

The former radio host claimed that Omondi was either being funded by a very powerful politician or he was engaging himself with money laundering.

“There is something that is being worked on. There are only two ways Eric can be able to fund all those cinemas, one he is a project. There is someone who is funding him, whether it is Wanjigi, Baba, Ruto or whoever. Number two, wash wash, he is a conman or thug,” Obinna said.


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