Social media sensations have always been  put on the spot by internet users mostly basing on what they feed internet users.

Mungai Eve, who is one of the youngest millionaires in Kenya who is reaping well from content creation has today been victim of these.

Eve who seemed to be feeling beautiful posted a picture of herself wearing make up a blond wig tied with brown and to top it all a black lipstick.

A section of her followers were mashing praises at here beauty there are some specifics who felt that she wasn’t appealing and  they did not hide how they felt.

‘Be You The world adjust” Mungai Eve captioned the pictur  to which fans stated that the lipstick was not for her skin tone.

”fancee zac Eve unanikumbusha shumileta😂😂😂love you though 😂😍

”Iyo make manze Unaka zombie 😮”
”lynnetnyair I guess the team is trying new colors nevertheless the look great on you”


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Mungai Eve has been facing controversies about her way of life from being criticized for exposing her body to the latest one dressing poorly for Akothee’s wedding.

”Sorry guys hope I won’t find the invitation card at the gate next time. I won’t fail you but you can reach out to my YouTube channel to watch the wedding clips]” Eve responded to Kenyan’s lash.


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