Content creator and actress Nyaboke Moraa has warned women and wives against going through their partners’ mobile phones in order to maintain peace in their union.

The former Real House helps Of Kawangware cast said it is easier to live peacefully when one doesn’t know about their partner’s mischievous ways.

She has urged women to completely abstain from checking their husband’s phones for the sake of their own well being. She likened a partner’s phone to the controversial religious beliefs that have taken the country by storm saying it should be avoided at all costs.

“Simu ya bwana yako iangalie kama kanisa ya pastor Mackenzie. What you don’t know doesn’t hurt you,” said Nyaboke.

The successful mother of four further said that relationships only thrive when partners respect each other’s phones.

According to her, in most cases when people go through their partners’ phones, they always get a reason to be hurt thus leading to break-up.

“The moment unashika hio simu ya gaido wako unachokitafuta kitakuramba na kitakumaliza na utalia machozi ambayo hayaishi,” the actress said.

Nyaboke asked women to find activities that will trigger tears instead of hurting themselves by wanting to know what their partners are up to.

“Tafuta matanga moja ama ukakate vitunguu  kama una machozi yanayokuwasha,” she said.

Some of her followers supported her statement while others dismissed her saying ignoring their partners phones might make them get away with cheating.



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