ΤPodcaster Andrew Kibe recently picked on comedian YY saying that his daughter’s real father is his colleague Eddie Butita.

Kibe claimed the child resembles Butita and that YY was played.

Following that, Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray reached out to YY to get his comment on the matter.

YY was however not willing to have any discussions about the matter such that he asked the radio presenter to ask mature and respectful questions.

“Ankali hata wewe mtu mzima unaezapigia mtu kwa radio kuuliza mambo kama hio? Mi naona hio sio swali ya kizima na sipendi kujibu maswali ambayo si ya kizima sa tafuta maswali mengine ya kizima halafu tutaangazia, ” the father of one told off the radio host.

He further declined to reveal how his wife reacted to Kibe’s remarks. YY was also reluctant to confirm whether the child was truly his.

The comedian however said that he was not angered by Kibe’s comment and urged him to continue entertaining his audience.

“Anafanya kazi yake, aliendelee na kazi yake vile anafanya. Anafurahisha audience sasa asiache kuwapea vitu kama hivyo. Nakasirishwa na nini, mimi maswali tu yenye si ya kizima ndio sipendi. Sisi ni watu wazima lakini mtu anayefanya kazi yake akipata unga. Hakuna mtu ako na shida,” YY said.


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