Papa Shirandula’s actress and comedian Jacky Vike popularly known as ‘Awinja’ has turned a year older.

The Virgo queen could not keep calm about her big day and she took to social media to share with her fans and followers

The mother of said that she is grateful  of this beautiful  life. She also jokingly asked fans to send her some money as she marks her big day.

“On this day 8th September, this Vihiga babe JACKLINE VIKE KIGARAVE  was born! Nothing  but greatful of this beautiful life,  and  thank you all for supporting my work.  Haya tumeni pesa please,” she said.

Among those who wished Jackline Vike a happy birthday are famous Kenyan socialites,influencers  and  content  creators such as Terrence creative ,Flaqo, Mammoto Eunice, Njugush Crazy Kennar, among others.

“Happy  birthday  Jacky, zawadi ikuje wapi?”wrote Director_ trevor

“The most creative sister from another  mon @jackyvike -Happy  birthday,” chriskirwa commented

Fans were also not left behind and they shared their love with Jackline Vike.

“Although  i am not one, there is something  extra about September  babies, happy  birthday  girl” wrote Wanjiruthebosschic

“Wapi slide ya Jacky na kamisi ya marangi kama kumi we compare and  contrast?” another posed.

“Happy  birthday  Jacky, you were  born  to  make  our  lives lively,” Commented officialanita254

Happy birthday to you , we love you  many more  blessed years.Mins is tomorrow ,9/9,” said Barista_azidah.

The actress has since  treated herself to a vacation in Diani alongside her close friends.

The Kenyan based actress was born on 8th September 1987 and is well known for her unique  dressing and acting.



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