Popular teenage rapper Trio Mio has shared details about his side hustle that earns him good money aside from music.

Speaking to YouTube content creator Mungai Eve, the teenage rapper revealed that he has partnered with a  candy producing company.

He urged jobless youths to reach out to him so that he can connect them to the opportunity.

“Apart from music, kuna other business nado, right now nadai kuempower  mayouths. Kuna mboka niko yayo Nimeshikana na Confini candy wanauza mapere, masweets, candy, mkombero pia inauzwa huko. So mi nauza pere. Wasee tumemaliza shule nao ama wale walimaliza mapema na hawana job niko na connections ya kuuza pere. Sales club. Kile wanafaa kudo ni kuingia mneti wajoin slaes club. Confini Candy watasupply products. The more you sell the more you earn. So ka kuna anyone out ther anadai mboka, Trio Mio ako hapo hivyo slide kwa DM,” Trio Mio said, which can loosely be translated to;

“Apart from music, there are other businesses I am doing. I want to empowering the youth. There is a company I have partnered with, they sell sweets, candy. So I am selling sweets . For those who are done with schools and have no job, come I have connections. All you need to do, go to the internet and join the sales club, the Confini  candy will supply the products. Anyone in need of the job should DM me.”

About furthering his education, Trio said that he is currently focusing on  music and production before furthering his studies in graphic design later.

Some of the top artists that he looks forward to work with include, Central C, Costatage Zuchu, Diamond and Nyashinski.



  • Brown Aburiri


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    • Brown Aburiri


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  • John kimanthi kivonge


    Ok have seen you posted that you need to empower youths in side hustles ,,so am here How can i get connected with you? But my number is 0727686754

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