A boda boda  rider from Roysambu is nursing injuries after losing part of his upper lip during a Sodomy attempt.

According to reports on social media, the rider identified as Anthony Mwangi was approached by a male client on Friday last week, who wanted to be ferried to Zimmerman.

Upon arriving his destination, the client, also identified as Mwangi, asked the boda boda rider to accompany him to his house so that he can get him his payment(Kshs200) since his phone was off and he did not have any cash with him at the time.

Speaking to Paxson TV, the rider said that he followed his client to his house. which was on the fourth floor. The client invited him in and even offered him drinks, which the rider rejected.

The client however became hostile and began to touch the rider in an unpleasant manner while asking him to bend so that he can complete his ‘mission’.

“Antony declined and the man became hostile. He took Antony’s phone and asked him to bend over for ‘Twa twa’. He became aggressive and attempted to sodomize him,” NGC reported.

The boda boda rider however fought back but the man kissed him forcefully and pulled his lip hard, biting it off.

The rider screamed for help and was rescued by neighbors who rushed at the scene.

Further reports indicate that the perpetrator was arrested  but was released on bail a day later, a move that has angered boda boda riders.



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