Diverse successful TikTokerLlewelyn Ouya is for the second time sharing his knowledge to the entire world through his yet to be launched book ”How To Make Money Online”

The book which will be launched on 22nd April 2023 at the AIC Milimani is a guide to the individuals who wish or have subscribed to use the internet to make money.

”How To Make Money Online by ‘Llewelyn Ouya who begun his content creation journey in 2021 has over 90 online well explained business ideas one can take up either as main or their side hustle.

In the book which will be retailing at 1000 ksh for hard copy and ksh 500 for soft copy, the digital creator has outlined 50 websites where interested individuals can get  the necessary knowledge for respective business ideas.

He has also outlined about 100 websites where individuals can check for remote jobs.

2 years ago Llewelyn published and launched his first book ”How To Start And Run A Business Successfully  In Kenya” and has so far sold 5000 copies of thee publication.

The book reveals 50 different ideas, budgets alongside other logistics necessary for setting up each business

It also contains 10 online business ideas and 10 skill based business ideas which one can venture in.

How To Make Money Online is available in both soft and hard copy and it will be launched  alongside The Cost of Becoming by Odongo Ezekiel.

Ezekiel Odongo Is a multitalented transformational motivational speaker with diverse knowledge on the current trends of the world in relation to human patterns.

The two will be having a joint launch of their respective new books and a joint purchase will be going at 1800 while a single specific purchase of either books will be going at ksh 1000.

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