TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew has said that the company is planning to establish a dedicated office in Kenya, aimed at overseeing and coordinating the platform’s operations across Africa.

Chew unveiled the plans during a virtual meeting with president William Ruto on Thursday.

The move comes as part of TikTok’s ongoing commitment to ensure that content within the region aligns with the company’s community standards and guidelines.

Chew highlighted the importance of having a local presence in Africa to facilitate effective content moderation and user safety. The Kenya office will play a pivotal role in collaborating with local stakeholders, governments, and organizations to ensure that the App remains a platform where creativity thrives while maintaining a safe environment for users of all ages.

With the rapid growth of TikTok’s user base in Africa, the decision to establish a physical presence in the continent reflects the company’s proactive approach to addressing content-related challenges specific to the region.

The Kenya office will house a team of content moderators and policy experts who will work closely with the global TikTok team to uphold community guidelines and address any emerging concerns promptly.

Shou Zi Chew expressed his optimism regarding the company’s expansion in Africa, emphasizing its commitment to investing in local talent and fostering a vibrant creative ecosystem.

He stated, “Africa is a dynamic and diverse continent with a rich cultural heritage. Our new Kenya office will enable us to build stronger relationships within the region and ensure that TikTok continues to be a platform that brings joy to millions while prioritizing user safety.”

The company’s decision is also expected to positively impact the local job market, as it opens opportunities for skilled professionals in content management, policy enforcement, and related fields.

The move comes after a petition was filed in parliament, seeking to ban TikTok in the country over explicit content.


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