Photos of actress Lupita Nyong’o that were taken during the launch of Black Panther 2 in Nigeria over a week ago have caused a storm on social media.

The photos have caught the attention of netizens just recently after some of them spotted that she had added much weight, especially on her backside.

Several Kenyans have raised questions about when Lupita grew a big butt as others claimed that she was the only Luo lady who was considered petite before the changes. Here are some of the reactions regarding Lupita’s photos.

“Just as I thought Lupita will be the only lady from the lakeside region who is petite then the Luo in her comes out,” a Twitter user said.

Another commented on her photo saying, “The last time I saw Lupita she had no a**. This is magic.”

“Where did that Lupita Nyong’o nyash come from?” another posed.

Some however believe that the transformation is a result of the intense workout she underwent while preparing for the shooting of the Wakanda series.

Below are the photos of the Kisumu Governor’s daughter before and after her transformation.


After Transformation

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