Mr. Beast

Popular American YouTuber James Stephen Donaldson aka Mr. Beast is once again making headlines after being buried alive for 7 days.

The celebrated YouTuber, took up the challenge that was captured in a video he shared on YouTuber. The video garnered over 30 million views just 12 hours after it was uploaded.

Mr. Beast said it was scary  and dangerous but he had underestimated how hard the challenge was going to be.

He was buried with snacks, water, a cell phone that he communicated with his team on the ground among other essentials. He also had a bottle for peeing but had to hold his poop, because he didn’t want to poop underground. His team also had camera all over and monitored him every minute so as to ensure that he doesn’t suffocate.

“This 100% real. To be honest I severely underestimated how hard this challenge is going to be,” he said, adding that he had considered sleeping he entire period for his own sanity.

“My strategy during this video was to sleep the entire time I completely forgot though my friends are going to annoy me and not let me sleep.”

He spend most of the time lying down, and noted that the back pain and pooping are the things that would have made him quit the challenge. His doctor had also advised him to move around so that he doesn’t get blood clots.

He had dumbbells that he used for working out.

At the end of 7 days, he was finally able to see sunshine again. He was checked by a doctor and he was confirmed to be perfectly fine.

“It is hard to describe  how the sun was looking like after not seeing for the next 7 days. I started crying once again, not sure why, I just couldn’t help it,” he said.

While still stuck in the coffin, he his YouTube channel garnered 200 million subscribers which was celebrated after he was removed from the grave.

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