Controversial Malindi Pastor Paul Mackenzie and his 16 co-accused have complained of police brutality. The suspects are accusing police of denying them food and beating them in cells.

Through his lawyers Elisha Komora and George Kariuki, Mackenzie  claimed the police are holding them in poor conditions on Friday May 5.

“The assertions by the State that the suspects should continue being held to be nourished, are misleading. This morning, all the respondents did not have breakfast. The respondents were denied food for two days since they left the court on May 2,”  Komora told the court.

“Three respondents were also battered in a police cell. For the State to say that they (accused persons) are having a good time in police custody is misleading,” he added.

Mackenzie was replying to a statement by the state that they were safer in police cells since grieving people might revenge the deaths of their loved ones that occurred in their hands if they are released.

The state wishes to hold the suspects for 90 more days to allow smooth investigations.

“For their (accused persons) own safety, they might not be welcomed back. We do not want this matter to end in mob justice because of so many families that are grieving,”  Senior principal prosecution counsel Jami Yamina told the Shanzu Court .

Mackenzie’s lawyers also termed the releasing and re-arresting of their client on Tuesday May 2 as a mockery to the justice of Kenya.

“Releasing and re-arresting them immediately was a mockery of justice. There was no release contrary to the court order. It was continued detention,” Kariuki said.

The court is yet to give a verdict on the release of the accused. Mackenzie has urged the courts to dismiss the application of the prosecution to hold them up for any longer period.



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