Jua Cali

Legendary genge artist Jua Cali has issued a religious advise amid trending story of Malindi cult leader Paul Mackenzie.

In a post he shared on Facebook, Jua Cali  asked his fans not to fall in the trap of conmen posing as religious leaders and men of God, saying that it has not been proven that heaven really exists.

According to him, people should enjoy the ‘heaven’ they have now because the future is a mystery.

“Watu wangu there is no proof Heaven exists so don’t be fooled na hawa ma conmen wa kanisa selling you hot air!! Enjoy hii heaven uko nayo hapa mambo ya huko mbele hatujui. You went to school Think for yourself!!!!!#ShakaholaMassacre,” the bidii yangu hitmaker said.

Jua Cali
Screenshot of Jua Cali’s Facebook post


Meanwhile, 83 bodies have since been recovered from Mackenzie’s Shakahola farm, where it is believed that his followers starved to death hoping that they will meet their creator. The number of bodies recovered rose to 83 after five more bodies were discovered in a single grave on Tuesday morning.

The controversial preacher was arrested on April 14 alongside 13 other individuals following the discovery of shallow graves with bodies in his vast piece of land.

Currently, the police are still conducting investigations into the matter and the case will be mentioned on May 2.



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