Digital content creator Felicity Shiru is selling the car she was gifted by her boyfriend Thee Pluto while she was still expectant in September last year.

During the Celebrity ride show by 2mbili, the mother of one said the Mazda CX-5 was going for Kshs2 million. She also noted that the car, which is red in color, was still in good condition.

“I am selling it at just Kshs2 million. On Instagram we had posted that it was going for 2.1million but if someone has 2 million they can come,” Felicity said.

She was however reluctant to give the exact reason for selling the vehicle and declined to mention whether she was upgrading to another model or not.

“I don’t want to talk much on that, we shall just see after this one is gone,” Felicity said.

Thee Pluto rewarded Felicity the Kshs2.5 million during their baby shower and gender reveal party.

She said that she was not sure if the gift was real since he only gave her the car keys at the venue of the event.

“I didn’t believe it when Thee Pluto said he would give me a car. He then gave me the car keys, and I had to ask him if he was serious. I didn’t react because I was unsure of what was happening. The Pluto had asked me earlier if he should gift me the car, and I agreed, but we ended up laughing because it wasn’t that serious. I thought that he was joking even the day he gave me the keys,” she said in the past.



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