Popular social media influencer Thee Pluto has said enough is enough and he is going to take legal action against local television Tandao Tv.

Taking to his insta stories Thee Pluto expressed his disappointments towards the local television and how it has been benefiting from his sanitizing show for quite a good time despite several warnings against airing his loyalty test program.

”Iam taking legal action this Tandao Tv they’ve been airing my content for months despite warning them severally” a section of his post attached to a video by Tandao Tv read.

Courtesy Thee Pluto Instagram

”They don’t air me a penny plus they don’t have permission to air it.”He added.

Thee Pluto further noted that some individuals benefit from other people’s hard earned work without considering the hardships the could be going through before having content worth airing.

”Hawa wanaelewa kweli struggle mtu hupitia kwa streets tukifanya content kweli?Kazi yao ni ku download na ku air on their tv as their content ,let them face the law now.”he noted.

Courtesy Thee Pluto Instagram

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