Thee Pluto

Thee Pluto alias Robert Ndegwa the popular content creator has disclosed that he is embarking on a long trip, travelling in 5 different countries: Kenya to Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Burundi, Tanzania and finally back to Kenya.

As he shared the astounding piece of information, he revealed that being in business sometimes calls for huge sacrifices.

‘’Guys you know that in business you have to make some sacrifices ,and this is one of the biggest sacrifices I will have to make this year,’’ he told his fans.

He says that knowing that he will not be able to celebrate Christmas with his family this year is a hard pill to swallow but highlighted that it will be a sacrifice worth making.

The father of two has planned his trip to take about 15 days, open to the fact that it might actually take longer or lesser time than prospected.

In the creative’s video of him bidding goodbye to his wife Felicity Shiru , the two had an emotional farewell as the lifestyle vlogger was seen to have a hard time trying to control  her tears.

Felicity also took to her YouTube and created a video expressing she was already missing her husband few hours after he  had left.

The mother of one explained that was  contemplating on how she will spend the Festive season without him as they had already made plans .

‘’15 days is gonna be a long time, 15 days na venye kuna njeve’’ she jested.

The popular Youtuber rose to stardom when he started his Loyalty Test Episode on Youtube where he featured couples, exposing the cheating ones an episode that attracted more viewers, who were glued to his videos for the fun and drama.

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