A man’s  weakness is what he sees and Njoki Murira has many men covered due to her natural beautiful morphology.

The well endowed young Tiktoker has clocked 2million followers on TikTok and she couldn’t hide her happiness despite many saying that its not meaningful since she is not being verified.

Njoki who became an internet sensation due to her nyash,took time to thank her followers in a beautiful video that narrated her journey.

At one time an internet user wondered why she was being hailed and her followers increasing daily whereas the likes of Crazy Kennar with reasonable content don’t get the followers they have.

Njoki has since then taken the internet space seriously and recently opened a YouTube channel which has about 7000 subscribers and her  Instagram is currently at 182Kfollowers.

Her latest milestones on Tiktok can be compared to popular on air personality Azziad who has 2.5 Million followers however, Njoki hasn’t been verified on either platforms.

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