Former NRG radio presenter Tanasha Donna is planning to permanently relocate from Kenya.

The mother of one said that she is no longer interested in living in here because the country is a total mess.

According to her, absurd things have been happening since the beginning of 2023.

“I ain’t gonna lie this country is a total mess. I’m tryna take my fam and baggage and leave. Total mess cause we do progress in various other ways but it’s like since 2023 everything absurd is happening. Kenya wagwan,” Tanasha said on her Insta story but did not reveal details of the country that she plans to move to.

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It is also not clear what has pushed the singer to the wall but currently the most absurd issue that has captured the attention of millions is that of Kenyan pastors being linked to several deaths of their believers. Pastor Ezekiel Odero and Pastor Paul Mackenzie are in hot soup after hundreds of bodies linked to them were discovered in Shakahola forest.



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Tanasha however recently said that she loves Kenya for the love that she always been shown. This is after her after her face was painted in a matatu.

“Love my country always showing me love,” the 27-year old said

Tanasha Donna’s decision to leave Kenya is not strange as she did not spend her entire childhood in the country. She was born to a Kenyan mother and an Italian father. She relocated from the country at the age of 11 years to Belgium where she stayed with her step-father. She only returned to the country to participate in Miss World Kenya and that is when she joined NRG radio.

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