Diamond Platinumz’s baby mama Tanasha Donna has reacted after Diana Marua talked about her in her new song dubbed Narudi soko.

The diss track was released last week during the International Women’s Day and has since garnered over a half a million views on YouTube. In the track, Diana listed several celebrities whose previous relationships failed saying they had gone back to the single and searching club.

On the case of Tanasha, Diana said that the Prado she had been gifted by her baby daddy was taken from her after the break-up.

“Tanasha Donna hukueka sukari ukanyang’anywa Prado, daah, unarudi soko,

na huyu Zuchu anapeana vitu mkidhani Naseeb atarudi soko” Diana sang.


It is true that the Kshs10 million Prado was repossessed since Diamond’s mother was the original owner. The car had been gifted to her in July 7, 2019 as a birthday present.

After Diana dug her past, Tanasha has decided to unfollow her on Instagram.  Diana was however still following her by the time of publishing this story.





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  • Eva


    Everything has got consequences

  • Dagy


    I love the way Tanasha reacted,, ♥️

  • Leah Nekesa


    If anyone stress you these year..
    Whatyou can do is … To block them, remove them delete them, from your life…
    You did well Tanasha💯

  • Kikish


    We’re all soko candidates, it only depends on which side of soko you go back to.

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