Suba North Member of Parliament, Millie Odhiambo has suggested the introduction of a life sentence penalty for individuals found guilty of leaking other people’s nude photos and videos.

While speaking at the House, the lawyer stated that many Kenyans had been publicly shamed and traumatized  after their intimate photos were leaked on social media.

She indicated that she would have proposed the death penalty for such acts. However, she explained that such punishment would be punitive.

Odhiambo urged her colleagues to support the proposal adding that men will also be protected in the amendment bill yet to be drafted.

“The issue of morality is very personal. What is done in private should not be brought to the public. We are going to amend our laws and make stricter penalties.

“If I was a supporter of the death penalty I would have brought it. We should make it a life sentence then,” she proposed.

On the other hand, the lawmaker called on Kenyans to exercise caution when using the internet, noting that many families were affected by the leaked photos.

She also pressured the Directorate of Criminal Investigations(DCI) to apprehend and charge suspects, adding that it would serve as a lesson to others.

“Who told you that a woman posted a photo of herself naked? These incidents must stop in this country. The DCI must follow these guys who have gone after many women. You cannot harass a woman.

“Behind that person you are harassing, there is a human being. Have mercy on that person because they have children. Why would you do that?” she wondered.

Notable Kenyans, including government officials, have recently been victims of leaked photos.

The debate over leaked photos also dominated social media earlier in the week, with several Kenyans calling for strict laws to combat the vice.

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