Tiktoker and on air personnel Azziad has calmly shut a fan who took to her socials claiming that Azzia’ds content was obsene.

The lady in question who is identified as @bri_makena revealed the reason she doesn’t follow the TikToK star citing lack of value addition in her posts.

”The reason why I don’t follow Azziad in any of her socials is because her content is over **alized and there is nothing to learn or any value added from anything she posts”

Knowing the possibility of critics, she defended her sentiments saying that that was just her opinion and she’s not hating on anyone.

”Call me hater ,but its the truth.S*x sells.”

Azziad on the other side responded in a calm way advising the lady in question not to do what she doesn’t like.

”You do boo. Don’t ever let anyone force you to do what you don’t like. Stick your lane and run your race.” she replied.

Azziad has been under sharp critisism over her content and influence with sexual appeal being the main issue.

A few days ago former radio host Andrew Kibe bashed her appointment pointing at her dancing in relation to value addition and the impact of her appointment to the future generation’s mindset.

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