Rapper Stevo Simple Boy has claimed that many Kenyan artists are not pleased with the efforts he puts in music, despite not competing with any of them.

Stevo who is about to venture into the international space musically says he owes his music success to God.

According to him, his music is currently doing well in South Africa and Tanzania. He added that he is working so hard that he can reach the Nigerian and European market.

“In my role of being honest, I don’t compete with Kenyan artists but many are not happy with the efforts I put in. But it is okay. Without God we can’t make it. Currently on trends and music, I am being followed so much in Tanzania and South Africa. I am working hard to enter the Nigerian and European markets,” the artist wrote on Instagram.

He further said that his music projects are ready.  He went on to extend his gratitude to those who have been supporting him.

“Music is ready, what we are just waiting for is the procedure of releasing them. Thanks to those supporting me. Without God we can’t make it,” he said.

At the same time, he also shared a compliment that he had received form his manager.

“My goal as a manager was to improve whatsoever Stevo had that was taken as a joke to career. I knew it would take me time to convince the business but trust me a lot is in stores. Stevo will shock the world. I believe in him, he might be slow but sure, Stevo has inspired me,” Vaga stated.


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