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Content creator Stanley Omondi has finally come clean on why he stopped working with Comedian Crazy Kennar.

Omondi has shut down allegations of bad blood between him and his former cast mate and boss saying that they are in good terms. He also urged Kenyans to stop spreading hateful propaganda.

“Crazy Kennar and I are in good terms let’s stop the ongoing propaganda. Currently I am out of the screens because I decided to do my own videos and I am more than glad to see you all love them. Keep supporting the team as well,” he said.

Omondi went ahead to explain why he stopped acting in  Tales of Crazy Kennar , and denied claims that Kennar abandoned him after getting fame and money.

“Those saying Crazy Kennar abandoned me you’re just making a mountain out of a mock hill. I am a cinematographer and a creator, I do well when I am behind the camera than its front. For the team I decided I would be totally behind the camera because I wanted to focus more on my brand 100%,” Omondi said.

He praised Crazy Kennar for always standing by him when he needed someone and promised to also do the same for him. He also warned netizens against tarnishing Kennar’s name by using unsubstantiated propaganda.

“Those trying to bring Kennar down let’s not spread propaganda. This guy has always been there for me, I will always be there for him. I am sorry Kennar for saying this but I couldn’t stay and watch people trying to bring you down for things you did not do”  he said.




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