Gengetone superstar Fathermoh and Ssaru have once again sparked dating rumours.

This is after they were spotted donning a similar short sleeved sweater. Fathermoh was seen with the sweater in June this year while Ssaru donned it recently as she shared a photo with it on her Insta stories.

The duo have produced several collabos  together such as Kaskie Vibaya, Ding Dong, Same love, Utam Flani, and Barubaru among others.

This is however not the first time that the duo have suspected to be an item. Fathermoh  however denied the allegations saying they only meet when business calls.

“We’ve never been Ssaru place hakuna kazi. Time tulikuwa Tanzania we tuliingia live kila mtu akasema ooh mko pamoja. Tukiwa Mombasa tulikua kazi tukaingia live. All those assumptions mnafaa mreduce. Sisi tuko kazi,” he said.

He also said earlier that Ssaru is like a sister to him, adding that he likes working her since she is easy to work with and  allows him to have fun.

“She is very easy to work with. Anakupea room ya kujibamba,” he said.

Ssaru on the other hand had revealed that she had a huge crush on famous  singer Otile Brown

” I can’t leave my boyfriend though since you know a crush is a short term feeling. He is that person you look at, he’s clean and fresh and I think all women love him, not just me,” she said.

The recent rumour that she could be dating Farthermoh sparked mixed reactions from fans as captured below.

“Sweater  aa ndo inafanya mdhani wako kwa relationship,  ni bizz,” wrote slimeeeyououttt

“Ambieni Saru anipatie pesa za babangu, ” wrote rodney.mgk

“Ama wanadate ndio walipishane collabo,” said dazz._ler

” Ata mimi sweater yenye nilikua nimevaa jana ni the same na tenye Drake alivaa….post me, ” wrote thee_lunatic

“Labda Walibuy Pamoja kila mtu akabuy yake” read  another comment.


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