Harmonize has expressed disappointment towards his ”Amelowa” video vixen Sophie, stating that she is so ungrateful.

Scorning Sophie’s allegations, Harmonize insisted that he has never had a thing with the vixen, contrary to her statements during an interview.

“I don’t know you. Stop talking about your brother, who just helped you make your dreams come true, respect me please. You are too much now. You can’t even handle my (manhood). Relax, you never saw me after the video. The bad thing about being humble is that people get used to you and feel you are their peers.

He further went ahead to reveal he only dates and marries his equals.

“Normally, I make you rich first, so we can be on the same level before I call you my wife. Kuna mtoto wa mtu anaukaribia utajiri kabisa kwa maono yangu (There’s a girl who is about to get rich)” he wrote

This incidence comes just handy ,a week ago Harmonize said that women are loving him soo much and further revealed that the he is falling in love with someone.

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