Being thrust into the spotlight comes with its own set of challenges, at just 21 years old, content creator Winnie Keranta is no stranger to this reality,.

Keranta shares her journey of dating fellow celebrity Flaqo and dealing with persistent advances from the notorious ‘Team Mafisi’.

She candidly acknowledges that being a celebrity couple brings about unprecedented pressure. The couple’s every move is under the magnifying glass, and what would be normal activities for other couples can easily end up as sensational headlines.

“Sometimes public freedom can be a challenge because doing normal fun stuff, that normal couples do, might end up on the blogs in a manner that wasn’t intended,” Winnie Keranta shared.

Although the duo went public with their relationship in February of this year, they have been together for three years. Despite this public declaration of love, Keranta humorously reveals that she still receives advances from men, a phenomenon commonly referred to as ‘Team Mafisi’ in Kenyan slang.

“They still hit on me, those hyenas never tire,” she remarked with a mixture of annoyance and amusement.

The couple’s relationship has spawned a following of both supporters and critics, who readily offer their opinions on the couple’s love life. Keranta acknowledges these differing viewpoints, noting that as a couple, they prioritize their peace of mind by simply ignoring negativity and living life authentically.

“Communication and trust is key, also, make your partner your best friend before anything else. Another thing, do not use other peoples relationship as a reference,” she said.

Addressing the haters who anticipate their downfall, Keranta playfully challenged them, saying, “To the keyboard warriors, I say, keep charging your phone and typing like the warriors you are.”

As a rising content creator, Keranta has had her fair share of rumours circulating about her, but one in particular left her taken aback.

“There are a lot of rumours about me. Some never reach me but I once heard people say that I was seeing a white mubaba,” she revealed.


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