Despite health threats Gospel musician turned pastor Size 8 has expressed her wishes to have another child.

Size who suffered  serious miscarriages poured out her heart during an interview with a local entertainment website making known her desire to add a third child for her family.

“I would love to have a third child,” Size 8. “I love being a mother, and I would love to give my children a sibling .”

The Friday Revival Church Service Pastor has a painful story in relation to her motherhood journey, while expecting her firstborn with Dj Mo she almost lost her life due to high blood pressure.

Thereafter she suffered a miscarriage and by God’s blessing she got pregnant again  this time with her now second born Junior and thinks were not good for she was paralyzed.

Wambo I almost miscarried because of high blood pressure inaitwa extreme preeclampsia. The after Wambo nililose mtoi hapo katikati because of it and then nkazaa Junior. Junior kidogo iniue nlikua naparalize hii yote (left side of her body) but by the grace of God nilizaa but nilizaa early kalikua kadogo nini.” Size 8 revealed last year during an interview last year.

After her quest to get children was increasingly becoming a threat to her life doctor’s advised her to take  a break from trying to have children.

And then after that nkapata ball last year hio karibu iniue I think all of you saw. But unfortunately mtoi wangu hakusurvive. And then even this year March tarehe 7 pressure ilikua imefika 236 so nka advisiwa mambo ya watoi for me…. By the way mi napenda watoi ata ningekua na watoi 10 but health yangu. But napray God atanitoa kwa mambo ya kumeza dawa za pressure to the glory of God,“she narrated

Size 8 who is optimistic that one day God will bless her family with another sibling is a mother of two  Ladasha Bell Muraya and   Sammy Muraya Junior.

“For now, we will patiently wait upon the Lord’s timing. Currently, it’s not the right time, but perhaps in the coming years,” Size 8 said

Size 8 and her family.

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