Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna has gone after those who seek help from him without offering anything in return.

Taking to Instagram, Obinna revealed that he receives lots of messages from people who want his assistance but the same people are not willing to support his work which include music and comedy.

“Happy New Year!! I have a lot of DMs from people asking for 1 thing or another yet I never see the SAME energy from THE SAME PEOPLE supporting the SAME work I do to get the SAME money they need Really!! Scratch my Back and I do the SAME!! HAPPY 2023 INSHALLAH,” he said.

The agitated comedian warned those with such behaviors to keep of his DMs noting that his brand is not a charity organization, adding that he works hard for his money.

“My new year resolution is simple. If I don’t see you commenting, supporting or just gassing me up, don’t come come in my DM asking for assistance of any kind. You can’t expect support from a brand you aren’t supporting. Siokoti Pesa. Nikitukanwa online, natukanwa peke yangu, wewe umenyamaza. Nawachekesha IG na YouTube na hamchecki. Nikiimba hamsikizi na online hamstream. Wengine nikiwaita interview Obinna TV hamkuji. Mkono mtupu haulambwi,” Obinna stated.

He further said that the only people that he will help for free are children in orphanages and also when he is doing live challenges in higher learning institutions.

“You don’t support me, I don’t support you. Stay out of my DMs and don’t call me bro!” the comedian maintained.

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