Pritty Vishy

Pritty Vishy has revealed that she recently encountered gun-wielding gangsters and the incident has left her weak.

The content creator and influencer took to her Insta stories to narrate the horrifying incident that happened on Wednesday in Nyayo.

According to her, she had gone to get her hair done and she left the salon in the evening hours.

“So on Wednesday I went to make my hair and because my hairdresser is my friend we started gisting and I found myself leaving the salon at 6.10. Due to unavoidable situation, I decided to board a matatu hapo Nyayo. To my surprise, there was no matatu that was going to my direction,” Pritty Vishy said.

She waited for 40 more minutes before she opted for a plan B, which was to connect to her destination using two buses.

“I was tired and couldn’t wait any longer. So this bus came and I went to ask the Makanga if it goes through a certain place. Before answering, a dude came behind him akamshow aachilie chuma. I thought ni fellow makanga coz they play a lot sometimes,” Pritty Vishy narrated.

Soon after, she noticed that one of the guys had a gun. Pritty Vishy noted that she hadn’t encountered such a scene for long.

“Nikiendelea kusimama hapo I looked down and noticed the dude behind the makanga alikuwa na bunduki na mark you I was holding my phone. People were many struggling to enter the bus. I swear it has been a while since I saw such scenes and the bunduki guy was not alone. When I saw the guy, I just took some steps back and got out of there because it was crowded. I ended up calling my loctician Joram and thank God he came to my rescue. Since that day I have been weak. Be careful out there,” the social media influencer warned


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