EMB records CEO Bahati and his wife Diana have surprised their followers after sharing intimate details of their relationship online.

The celebrity couple took to social media with a short clip whereby they exposed each other but on a light note.

In the outdoor video, Diana B had first wanted to know why his husband was so happy before their conversation took a different turn.

“I want you to be honest with me. Why are so happy?” Diana said and before Bahati could respond she concluded that she was the reason why.

Bahati however went ahead and said that he was happy although he had not enjoyed his conjugal rights for five days now.

“Imagine I am happy na sijapewa siku 5,” Bahati said.

Defending herself from the ‘accusation’ Diana said that she submits to Bahati even if she is on her periods.

“Acheni tu hata niwaambie, ya ukweli, huyu hata na red sea alipewa jana,” she said.

Below are some of the reactions drawn from their video.

Jess.ngina: This how marriages should be❤️❤️ mkileta your seriousness kwa hii kitu ya marriage mtaachana nkiwa depressed 😂msiseme hamkuambiwa

Gram: Alafu Kuna Mimi yatima wa mapenzi 😢ebu nisome notes how to prevent rust 😂😂 sitaki pressure

Mashmorry: Watu tunaumia huku single nyinyi mnaongelelea red sea.

Tr Roselyne: Adulting is a big scam

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