In just about a month, popular media personality and entrepreneur Betty Mutei Kyallo will be turning 34 years old.

Betty seems all set to celebrate the big day that will be going down on March 15, since she is already talking about it on her social media channels.

Her daughter, Ivanna Okari, however can’t believe that her mum will soon be 34.

In a video shared by the former news anchor, Ivanna asked her how old she will be turning.

“I will be turning 34,” Betty responded. The 8-year old was so shocked and only reacted by saying, ” Weeeuh!”

Betty captioned the video saying, “Si poa” and further said in the comments section, “Kwani is 34 that bad.”

In a separate video, Ivanna sang an early birthday song for her and she still had to confirm if she was really turning 34.

“Happy birthday dear mummy, happy birthday to you… How old are you turning,” she posed again.

“I am turning 34,” betty said,

“Eeeey,” Ivanna reacted.

Betty was left laughing as she asked her to stop.

Last year, Betty celebrated her birthday in style by hosting several parties . As she turned 33, the mother of one said that she will continue living life with a big spoon, making a lot of money and searching for love.

She also said that she will continue being kind and caring for people around her.

“I’ll continue to live live with absolute love and kindness. I’ll continue  caring for the people around me and I’ll always give a helping hand where I have power to influence situations. The Lord will never turn me to anything else other than graceful, bubbly  positive and energetic woman,” she said then.



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