The self-proclaimed queen of the streets Shakilla Tifanny is looking for someone who can break her heart.

Shakilla shared on Snapchat that she wants someone to heartbreak her so that she can embark on a weight loss journey.

According to her she is adding more weight and a heartbreak can be a motivation for her to hit the gym.

“Someone to please break my hear and hurt my feelings. Please. I wanna use that as a motivation to go to gym. I am stacking up weight,” the 22-year old said.

Her statement comes just months after she revealed that no one wants to date her.  A sad Shakilla wondered if she was meant to spend her all life in the streets.

“So outta all my goddamn followers no one wants to enter in a serious relationship with me. Was I meant to be in the streets for life?” she pondered.

Last year, she had however claimed that she was dating multiple men.  Shakilla said that she was dating several men since one alone can not meet all her needs.

“I’m in many relationships. Imagine if one guy makes  you happy how will like ten guys make you? Have you ever thought about that?” the controversial socialite told Mungai Eve.

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