The self-proclaimed Queen Shakilla Tifanny of the streets has been forced back to Kenya after she was banned from Turkey for two months.

Shakilla was not only banned from the European/Asian country, but she was also forced to part with about Kshs62,000 as fine.

The socialite received the punishment because she had violated Visa rules, by overstaying in the country.

“And that’s how I lost $450 and two month ban in Turkey due to an overstay of 2 months,” Shakilla reveled through her Insta stories.

The 22-year old left the country for Turkey in March this year. However in April, she was involved in an accident that left her with injuries on her hand and neck.

“That is myself, that is what is going on. I know it is crazy but I am okay,” she assured her fans.

Controversial podcaster Andrew Kibe however weighed in on the matter saying that Shakilla was injured by her sponsor.

“She was taken by a sponsor to Turkey but she did not know that their doggy styles are literal. Huge dog guys. She was beaten behind the neck. You’ve ever seen Shakilla dress up? Anytime we see her she wants to be naked. She has never seen a d**k that big. This is the whole life we have agreed to live,” he said in a YouTube video.

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