Interior Cs professor kithure kindiki has warned of a sharp increase in Shakahola deaths after the government discovered 20 new gravesites at the forest.

Speaking at his second visit on Tuesday 9 to witness the exhumation exercise, the cabinet         secretary said detectives discovered twenty New graves and have begun opening them up.

He said these noting that the exhumation process will probably take longer as expected due to the new discovery.

“The damage is quite significant 20 mass graves are currently being opened. The process is far from over,” Kindiki said.


Kindiki further stated that the Shakaola massacre is a highly organized crime that the government will do everything in its power to crack it down.

“I am afraid that we have many more graves in this forest, and therefore it leads us to conclude that this was a highly organised crime and I assure the country that the government will do whatever it takes to unravel this organised criminal activity.” added Kindiki.


The cabinet secretary has promised Kenyans that the government will get to the bottom of the matter by determining what exactly caused the death of the controversial Kilifi televangelist followers.


It is believed the followers were asked to fast to death with a promise of meeting Jesus Christ but the government is conducting an autopsy on each of the bodies to correctly determine the cause of deaths.


So far the Shakaola deaths have surpassed 100 , a number that is expected to double with the daily discovery of new graves. Currently the government has barred media from accessing and streaming live events of the farm.








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